The risks of speeding go beyond getting a ticket

Friday, May 5th, 2023

Plenty of people are guilty of driving a little faster than allowable by the law. Depending on their personality and car model, speeding might feel exhilarating or rebellious, or maybe they are just late for work.

A speeding driver’s biggest concern is probably getting pulled over and receiving a ticket with a hefty fine. Yet speeding can pose risks far more consequential than losing some money. Speeding puts the driver and everyone else around them at a higher risk of injury.

Additional consequences of speeding

People have varying opinions about appropriate speeds for a given area, but the laws are based on a wide range of factors that people may not readily consider.

Speeding increases the risk of losing control of the vehicle. If you’re driving through rain, sleet, snow or other weather events, speeding will exponentially increase the stopping distance required between you and the vehicle in front of you. This means you will have a harder time coming to a full stop should an obstruction come in front of you requiring everyone to slam on the breaks.

Speeding also reduces the effectiveness of the safety components in the vehicle. Airbags and seatbelts may become less effective, and the severity of the crash may become greater, leading to more serious injuries and the potential for death.

Driving too fast also costs more as a car will get poorer gas mileage per gallon than if driven at a moderate pace.

No matter the perceived benefits of speeding, it’s just not worth it. If someone injures you in a speed-related motor vehicle accident, it is important to know how to hold them responsible for their poor decision.