Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay a claimant’s full claim. If you feel your insurance company has violated the terms of your policy, you have options. 

If you need advice and representation from an insurance law attorney, please call us in Amarillo at (806)322-9200.  We serve individuals and businesses throughout the state of Texas.

Hold Insurance Companies To Their Contracts

We provide counsel and representation in all forms of insurance disputes, including but not limited to:

  • Coverage disputes
  • Homeowners’ insurance claims denied
  • Coverage for underinsured car and motorcycle drivers

Denied Coverage? We Fight For You.

You pay regular premiums so your insurance company will financially support you in the event of an accident. When that company refuses to hold up their end of the contract, you could be faced with a serious financial burden that you cannot cover on your own.

Our insurance claim attorneys can represent you in a claim against your insurance provider. We aggressively hold reluctant providers accountable for the payments our clients are owed. 

To set up a consultation, please call us at (806) 322-9200. With offices in Amarillo, our attorneys serve clients throughout the state of Texas.