Fiduciary Litigation

Fiduciary litigation typically involves disputes over the duties of those who have been trusted to take care of other people or other people’s property. Fiduciaries may be business partners; trustees; executors; individuals who have been assigned powers of attorney; administrators; employees; directors; attorneys; accountants; and others providing confidential advice and services.

Many of these matters involve sensitive relationships, and our attorneys prioritize care and attention when handling fiduciary disputes. At Smithee & Russell, LLP, our attorneys are here to help you move beyond this difficult situation so you can cleanly settle your dispute.

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Strategically Settle Disputes Over Estates & Organizations

Overall, the purpose of fiduciary litigation is to ensure that the involved individuals have upheld their fiduciary duty. Fiduciary duty refers to the responsibility of an individual to act in a certain way, given a particular relationship or contract. For example, our firm recently settled a case in which our clients had been defrauded by their accountant.

Family members may also be subject to fiduciary litigation for taking advantage of those who are incapacitated or otherwise unable to speak for themselves. We see this often in relationships involving older family members, and financial elder abuse is, unfortunately, a common issue in fiduciary disputes.

Fiduciary litigation frequently involves the following:

  • Estate disputes
  • Tax & IRS concerns
  • Real estate partnerships
  • Elder abuse
  • Corporations and limited partnerships

Providing Comprehensive Litigation Services

We counsel you through each step of your case, evaluating your particular situation so we can recommend a course of action that helps you achieve your goals. Holding someone accountable for a breach in their fiduciary duty is your right by law, and we help you understand and use the law to move forward to a resolution.

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