Amarillo Lawyers For Workers Injured On The Job

Many clients come to our firm worried that their employer will retaliate against them for submitting an accident claim, or for processing a workplace injury claim with their insurance. At Templeton Smithee Hayes Heinrich & Russell, LLP, our lawyers care deeply about these cases. We help injured workers understand their full range of options for compensation after a serious work accident.

Our personal injury lawyers represent workers who were injured due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. For a free consultation regarding your case, please call us in Amarillo at (806) 547-2022 or complete our contact form. Our attorneys represent clients throughout the Texas Panhandle and Eastern New Mexico.

Workers’ Compensation Vs. Third-Party Workplace Accident Claims

In Texas, many employees are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance, particularly independent contractors and seasonal workers. If these types of employees are injured while working, it can be difficult to convince the employer or client to cover the resulting medical expenses.

Employees covered by workers’ compensation insurance are able to simply file a claim through that insurance and have the expenses handled in that manner. Individuals who do not have this option often must pursue a workplace accident claim, otherwise known as a third-party claim. Because many employers in Texas do not have workers’ compensation insurance, workers injured on the job need to know their options for filing a third-party personal injury claim to get financially compensated for an injury.

Workplace accident claims are meant to help the victim cover:

  • Hospital expenses
  • Medical care expenses
  • Recovery therapy and long-term care, if applicable
  • Lost wages when the injury renders the individual unable to work

We provide guidance for workers in many industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Medical care
  • Commercial trucking
  • Factory workers
  • Field and agricultural workers

Understanding The Process

During our first meeting, we will ask you to talk about the injury, telling us when it happened, how long its been since you last received treatment for it, roughly what the treatment cost for your rehabilitation, and who you believe was at fault for the accident.

After we’ve conducted our initial interview, we use our 25+ years of experience to give you a clear and honest picture of your options when it comes to legal action for your accident.

We want you to feel empowered to stand up for yourself and hold those responsible accountable for your injuries. We also want you to understand the laws pertaining to your unique situation. We help our clients use the law to their advantage so they can move forward after a serious injury.

A number of our attorneys are Board Certified in Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Our attorneys have also been named among America’s Top 100 Lawyers.